The Importance of Back-To-School Dental Appointments

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost time for your child to head back to school. Whether you are thinking of virtual schooling or traditional classrooms, it is vital you care for your child’s oral health by scheduling regular appointments. Here are just a few reasons why scheduling a back-to-school dental appointment is essential.

Catch Potential Problems Early

Dental health and hygiene is closely linked to academic success. After all, cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease are common in children, and understandably lead to pain and school absences. Don’t let your child miss out due to preventable problems! Back-to-school appointments will involve a thorough cleaning and inspection, leading to early detection of potential complications.

Clean Slate

Give your child a clean slate by starting school with a fresh smile and a boost to their self-esteem. School can be scary and stressful, let this be one less stress for the whole family. Plus, it’s best to handle this when schedules are less hectic! Imagine penciling in a dental appointment in-between piano lessons, homework, soccer, and STEM club! Scheduling and taking care of an appointment is like taking a deep, soothing breath.

An Important Learning Opportunity

Your back-to-school appointment serves as the perfect opportunity to go over proper brushing and flossing habits. We know you teach your children this at home, but repetition sticks! Also, kids tend to listen to professionals. Speaking of repetition, regular checkups are a great habit to learn early and stick to for life.

Tips to Prepare for Your Appointment and Beyond

  • Start oral hygiene early. Repetition, repetition, repetition
  • Reward good oral hygiene! If all else fails, incentives usually work
  • Limit sugar. We know this is hard, but hidden sugar lurks everywhere. Try to monitor sugar intake

With all the tasks you have to complete to get ready for the end of summer, don’t let a dental appointment slip through the cracks. To schedule an appointment today, contact Foote Family Dental Care. Dr. Foote and her team have years of experience and ensure the utmost comfort and quality of care. Your child will be in good hands.