• Kylei Landry
    Kylei Landry
    18:11 27 Nov 18
    If I could give 0 stars I would. I had two appointments which I had to cancel and I apologized then and I apologize now for any innconvience. Now that being said when I made my new appointment the receptionist claimed to have called me right back and left a message that they took me off the schedule because I canceled twice...wouldn't you think you'd call until you definatly knew that I was aware? Because if I had gotten the message I would not have called looking like a fool making sure I had my appointment date correct so I wouldn't miss it since I've had to cancel twice already. If you have a policy like that where someone is banned from making appointments when you cancel twice because unexpected things come up you should let someone know especially a new patient. So new patients that are considering this place just keep that rule in mind.
    21:21 30 Aug 18
    I love this place and i HATE dentists so that should say alot. Awesome staff
    Kathleen Ikeda
    Kathleen Ikeda
    18:59 28 Aug 18
    I went to the dentist a couple times and had some work that needed to be done. One year ago they used some "new technology" to check on cavities. I was told I needed 9 filling and a crown totaling $2,500 in dental work. I decided to wait and go to a different dentist. I have been to them twice in the past year and was told that my teeth and gums are in great condition. Do not get cheated and have your teeth needlessly drilled into!
    Tony Brady
    Tony Brady
    11:48 14 May 18
    I was nervous as it was my first visit to the dentist in a few years. But, the staff here made sure I felt comfortable and that all my questions were answered. They worked with me on scheduling follow up visits and made sure I was aware of what my insurance would and would not cover.
    Brandon Bell
    Brandon Bell
    00:48 21 Mar 18
    Been going Foote Family Dental for a few years now and highly recommend Dr. Foote and her professional team to anyone looking for a new dental care provider, especially of whom are new to the surrounding area. The office & room cleanliness are second to none and the staff are efficient, skilled as well as accommodating, and always friendly! 6 stars!
    Randy Olps
    Randy Olps
    17:14 21 Oct 17
    Foote Family Dental Care is top of the line. Dr. Nora Foote and her staff go out of their way to insure everything is to your satisfaction. Not only are they professional, but they hold close old-school values. Not only is Dr. Nora a really great dentist and person, but helping others is a passion. Personally, I believe if you are looking for a new, or your first dentist, no need to look any further.
    Nick Tureau
    Nick Tureau
    02:19 20 Jul 17
    Dr Foote and her staff are very professional and accommodating. I would definitely recommend them to others
    Nic Catoir
    Nic Catoir
    23:09 16 May 17
    Great experience! They even have a room for my kids to play Xbox, that has an open wall to where the work is being done so I can hear them!! Staff was very professional and talking to lovely ladies never hurt either 😉 it usually takes a lot to impress me, maybe I expect too much, but they provided
    Kathryn Justice
    Kathryn Justice
    17:51 05 Jan 17
    Awesome! This is the best dentist office EVER. My children actually enjoy going.
    Erica Ransom
    Erica Ransom
    02:25 09 Mar 16
    Me and my two kids come here for dental services. Very pleased with the service here at Foote Family Dental Care. They are on top of things - they run your insurance and let you know ahead of time of any out of pocket expenses that you might have. Very personable and knowledgeable (all female, Yas!) staff. They do a great job. I also like how they look up your benefits and tell you preventative things that you can get for little to no cost and when the benefit expires. That's invaluable to a busy single working parent! They have a waiting area in the back so that you can wait on your kids and rest, work or watch tv. There's even a video game in there. I have gone in with one of the kids and had a bit of a wait even though we had an appointment, but had not experienced that again so they must have had an emergency come in or something. No complaints, highly recommend!
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Dr. Nora Richardson-Foote and her team are eager to provide a variety of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, and sedation dentistry. Call today to set up an appointment if you are in the Gonzales LA area, from Baton Rouge to Prairieville! Foote Family Dental Care - Nora Richardson-Foote D.D.S.
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