5 Dangers of DIY Teeth Aligners

DIY is great for some things, like projects around your home. But when it comes to creating a beautiful, healthy smile, DIY can be incredibly risky. Mail order teeth aligners are advertised as being affordable and convenient, but both the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontics warn against their potential harm.

Risks of At-Home Teeth Aligners: What You Need to Know 

  • No pre-treatment exam: Before beginning any treatment, you need a comprehensive oral exam. This is so your dentist or orthodontist can identify any underlying issues and make sure your teeth, gums, and bone are all healthy enough for treatment.
  •  Clear aligners may not be the right choice: There are many options to straighten your teeth, and clear aligners aren’t the right choice for everyone. Some complex orthodontic issues need more treatment than clear teeth aligners can provide. Only a qualified dentist or orthodontist can recommend the best option for your specific needs.
  • The wrong impression: Most mail order aligners require you to make molds of your own teeth. It might seem simple, but taking accurate impressions is a skill that requires training and practice. These molds determine the success of your treatment, and if you do them incorrectly, you’ll end up with teeth aligners that don’t fit and won’t work.
  • You’re on your own: For the best outcome, you need to see an orthodontist or dentist during treatment. They’ll evaluate your progress and make adjustments accordingly. They’ll also check for problems like gum disease and cavities that may develop.
  • You could end up with bigger problems: Wearing aligners that don’t fit properly could result in irreversible or expensive damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw. Possible issues include tooth loss, infection, change in bite, and gum loss.

The bottom line is that a quick fix that seems too good to be true probably is.  While DIY teeth aligners seem like a convenient option, it’s just not worth the risk.

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