OraCare Online Store: Purchase OraCare During COVID-19

Categories: Office News

Great news! With our dental office being open for emergency services only, this limited the ability for patients to purchase OraCare since its normally only available in-office. To help, OraCare has created an online store in response to the overwhelming number of calls from providers and patients. OraCare’s active ingredient has been shown to kill flu viruses, and there has been an increased interest in using as a preventative home care measure and pre-rinsing emergency patients. oracare

The online store solution is TEMPORARY and limited to the COVID-19 pandemic. To buy OraCare, visit the site by clicking here and entering in “Foote Family Dental Care” and your zip code to get your OraCare shipped directly to your doorstep.

OraCare’s active ingredient has been shown to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.