Teeth Sensitivity: At-Home Remedies To Treat Pain

Categories: General Dentistry

The best remedy for any discomfort in the mouth is to consult with your dentist to find the source of your issue and get proper treatment.

However, if you find yourself in excruciating pain before your next appointment, here are some home remedies to help soothe your teeth in the meantime:

Don’t Rinse Immediately After Brushing

Water, especially when cold, can often irritate sensitive teeth. To prevent this when brushing, do not rinse for 30 minutes after you spit out your toothpaste.

Use an ADA Approved Mouthwash

Not all mouthwash is good mouthwash. To ensure you are reaping all of the benefits when rinsing, make sure to use a mouthwash approved by the American Dental Association. Click here to see a full list of their accepted over-the-counter products.

Rinse With Warm Salt Water

Salt is an effective antiseptic that helps reduce inflammation in the mouth. To alleviate pain, gargle your mouth with a saltwater rinse for 30 seconds, twice a day.

Avoid Hard Candy

Candy with hard sugar coatings can be really rough on your teeth. To help, try avoiding candies that require you to bite down on them.

Choose A Desensitizing Toothpaste

Desensitizing toothpaste helps to block the pain signals that travel from your tooth nerve to your brain. Many reputable brands offer over the counter toothpaste specifically for people with teeth sensitivity.

If you find yourself experiencing consistent toothaches after eating cold foods or beverages, schedule a dental appointment with Dr.Foote today!

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