Meet Your Dental Hygienist and Understand Their Role

Did you know April 7-14th is Dental Hygienists Week? This week we want to shine a spotlight on all dental hygienists, show our gratitude for their hard work, and highlight their role in the office! Here’s a quick snapshot of what dental hygienists do and why they are so important to any dentist’s office.

What Dental Hygienists Do

  • They undertake all the oral assessments before you can see the dentist. They will review your oral health history, check old dental charting, screen your mouth for oral cancer, evaluate your gums for diseases, and flag possible issues;
  • Process dental x-rays and interpret them;
  • Can administer local pre-surgical anesthesia;
  • Remove tartar and plaque from gum lines;
  • Apply sealants and fluorides to prevent cavities;
  • Educate and counsel patients on dental hygiene matters, smoking cessation, and good nutrition for your teeth.

Dental hygienists also relay their findings to the dentist, and advice regarding your records, so you can get the best medical advice. Simply, hygienists ensure you enjoy your visit to the dentist and that you feel as comfortable as possible. At Foote Family Dental Care, that is precisely what our hygienists do.

Meet Your Dental Hygienist

During this Dental Hygienists Week, we celebrate Christie A. Webre, our fantastic dental hygienist. She is our team’s fundamental backbone, and all our clients appreciate her service. At the office, she basically runs the entire hygiene department and interacts with nearly all our patients.  She is always out and about to ensure that our clients are well-attended to, comfortable, and happy.

Here are some fun facts about Christie: she is an outdoor person, loves hunting, and loves spending time with her family. The next time you visit or contact us, feel free to say hi and show your gratitude for all she does! She deserves a pat on the back for her hard work and commitment.