Four Oral Health Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

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You dread increasing allergens if you experience seasonal allergies. While you are fighting irritated sinuses, constant sneezing, and itchy eyes, your teeth may be fighting other battles, as allergies can affect your oral health.

Here are four oral health symptoms of seasonal allergies:

1. Tooth Pain

Stuffy sinuses can cause tooth pain. As pressure builds in maxillary sinuses, it can push down on your upper molars’ roots, causing pain when you eat and sensitivity in your teeth to cold and hot foods. You may also experience pain when you move, stand up, etc. You can take an antihistamine to lower the inflammation and get relief. The pain may not be related to your allergy if the medication doesn’t help. You can get professional dental care to pinpoint the cause of your tooth pain.

2. Dry Mouth

You often breathe through your mouth when your nose is stuffed up. Breathing through your mouth can make it dry. Antihistamines may also have dry mouth as a side effect. A dry mouth lacks the much-needed saliva to flush food particles out of your mouth and fight off tooth decay. It also makes you susceptible to gum disease and cavities. You may improve your saliva flow if you:

« Eat carrots and celery

« Chew gum having Xylitol

« Drink lots of water

3. Bad Breath

Seasonal allergies can promote bad breath. The troublesome bacteria that enable gum disease and plaque can cause bad breath. These bacteria flourish when allergies cause dry mouth or mucus buildup, causing a postnasal drip. Gargle with warm salt water to get some odor relief. season alergies

4. Gum and Tonsil Swelling

Allergies can cause postnasal drip. Postnasal drip often causes swollen tonsils. It may also cause sore, swollen gums when combined with bacterial buildup and a dry mouth. Swollen gums can complicate brushing your teeth, causing gum disease, gingivitis, and irritated gums.

Seasonal allergies can cause various issues, including poor oral health. If you have any questions or suffer from allergy-induced oral conditions, contact Foote Family Dental Care to get professional help.