Do You Have One Dark Tooth That Just Will Not Whiten?

Categories: General Dentistry

It probably had some sort of trauma and now the nerve has died causing it to turn dark, or maybe you had a root canal on it and it has gradually turned dark over time.

Dark tooth due to necrotic nerve from past trauma.

Here at Foote Family Dental, We can do the root canal and bleach the tooth from the inside to whiten the tooth or bleach a tooth that has already had a root canal.

This treatment Dark tooth pre-op shade matchis safe, painless and conservative because you do not have to get a crown! For more information or to schedule a consultation, Contact us today!Tooth with root canal and internal bleach for 5 days with a conservative filling. Tooth is now ready for external bleaching to even the teeth out.

Post op shade match before external whitening. Tooth has only had internal bleach done.