Clear Teeth Aligners

Clear Teeth Aligners

Foote Family Dental Care Customers Love MTM's Clear Teeth Aligners:

Here’s why: Traditional braces do a great job of straightening teeth, however they require a long-term commitment from the patient. MTM's unique system of clear teeth aligners make the prospect of wearing braces feel a lot less permanent, since they can be taken out for up to two full hours each day- and they do a great job of straightening teeth. Our staff at Foote Family Dental Care believes MTM is a superior choice versus traditional metal braces, and we recommend them whenever possible. Not all patients are candidates for MTM, however. We can assess your dental needs when you schedule a consultation in our office and determine whether MTM will work for you.

Clear aligners are a game changer in orthodontics. For teens, they mean that the peer pressure of wearing braces is eliminated, since no one besides close friends will know they’re even wearing them. Teens wearing the MTM clear teeth aligners can smile their biggest, brightest smile, confident that their secret remains safe with them. For adults, MTM means no distractions at the workplace, during meetings, while speaking to co-workers, or even giving lectures. And since the aligners can be removed for brief periods of time, they’ll experience more freedom during up-close-and-personal moments.

You can learn more about the MTM system by visiting our website or by making a call to our office at 225-716-7390. We can get you set up with a consultation with our staff that will include a full assessment of your teeth so we can determine whether MTM’s clear teeth aligners will benefit you. If you’re a candidate, we’ll map out a plan for improving your smile and discuss the details with you so you can get a better idea of how long it will take and what the costs will be.

Feel free to use the free resources on our website, including our ‘Showcase’ section where you can see before and after photos of real patients who trusted us with their smiles and were not disappointed. Visit the ‘Patient Info’ page to learn about financing and insurance options, or read about MTM in our blog. Foote Family Dental Care loves to see our patients smile, and with MTM, there’s a lot more to smile about. If you have crowded teeth, teeth that are crooked or misaligned, or other issues with your bite, MTM may be able to straighten your teeth quicker than traditional braces, at a more affordable price.

MTM’s clear teeth aligners are the preferred choice among patients of all ages. Don’t wonder what MTM can do for you- give us a call at 225-716-7390 and take a closer look at the benefits associated with MTM. We can create the smile of your dreams- without the use of permanent brackets and metal wires. MTM’s aligners slip in and slip back out for superior comfort and discretion.

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Clear Teeth Aligning System For Adults
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Takes 3-6 months on average
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